Sharing a little piece of me with you!


“Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

Growing up I knew God, but I never had the courage to have a relationship with God. As I’ve gotten older I began to ask myself a simple question. What void am I continually trying to fill? As I got out of a break up, a couple months went by, and I finally had the courage to throw my hands up and let go. I previously thought that a man was going to fulfill my life, until I finally realized the only person that would complete me is my God. As months went by, I started watching Elevation church online with a group of girls that meet weekly in a small group. They encouraged me and kept me accountable. Months went by and I started seeing the blessings that were surrounding me daily and my eyes were opened. The next couple of months I grew my relationship with God rapidly. On October 28th, 2016, I re- gave my life to Christ. This feeling Is something I will never know how to explain. Time went on and I began to pray and ask God to use me to grow his kingdom. I started realizing how powerful the power of prayer is. God started laying his hand on my life and dove in. On January 30th, 2017, I went to the eye doctor, because I was experiencing blurred vision in my right eye. My vision was being affected due to the swelling behind my eye, and it was something to be concerned about. The doctors started giving me worst case of scenarios and wanted to begin treatment asap. Fear and anxiety had taken over my whole body. Something I had never felt before, and to be honest I was allowing the enemy to take over my situation in that moment. I started praying like I’ve never prayed before. At this point I was mentally, and emotionally drained. That night my friend Brittany invited me to a prayer circle at Christian Life church.  Walking in, I did not know what to expect, but it was a night that changed my life. We prayed with our hands connected, and as the night went on I had hands laid on me with the word of God speaking through all of the people around me. After that night, I woke up the next morning feeling a sense of peace like never before. The weekend went on and I felt like God had me under his wing from there on out. It was Thursday morning and my Nana called me as I walked into work, telling me that we have an answered prayer. She told me that her primary care doctor happens to be good friends with a doctor at the NIH that specializes in this diagnoses/tumor. God continued to show up for me, and continued to show his grace. Her doctor gave me a referral, and got me in the following Friday. They only found one tumor rather than multiple. He persisted to get this treated as soon as possible with the care of my vision getting worse. There was concern and worry that I might have a diagnosis called VHL (Von Hippel- Lindau). The months went on and the medical team persisted I did full body MRIs with genetic testing. With the power of prayer each week and every hour everything came back negative. Every step of this journey has been tough and overwhelming, but I honestly could have not gone through this without Gods presence over me. Knowing God is right there with me through it all gives me so much comfort.

As I continue to go through this journey God has taught me how to be patient and to trust in him. God has given me every reason to trust and have faith. Since the night I had hands laid on me, I knew God had me in his hands, and he had the ultimate plan all along. This is not the only time he has done work in my life. Throughout this journey this past year he has blessed me with an amazing man in my life, a career that I’m passionate about, and most importantly several friends. My parents and Andrew giving their lives to Jesus was amazing and one for the books! This past year has been a year of trusting in his plan, and being open for what gets thrown my way. I wouldn’t change a thing but in whole, God is teaching me that when you trust in him, and let him intervene into your life he will do immeasurably greater than you could ever imagine. 

xoxo Taylor <3


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