Blessed that I have found my passion…

Hello to all my fellow hair stylists!

My name is Rebecca Ligon, I am 20 years old, and I am a Level 1 stylist at Design One Salon and Spa located in the heart of Midlothian, Virginia.
I’m sure you’re all wondering “how’d you get into doing hair?” Well funny thing is that I believe doing hair is what chose me. I graduated high school not knowing what my next step was going to be.I thought about college long and hard, but I decided that college wasn’t the right thing for me. I found myself sitting in my room one night praying and asking God for guidance, and asking him to reveal what he wanted for my life. We all want that reassurance. . . Am I right?

Fast forward to almost a year later and now I’m working on my own, with my own schedule, and my own clients. I am young, but I am so blessed I found the passion for hair and all that comes along with it. I honestly couldn’t imagine my self being anywhere else. I pray that I continue to grow and learn more within my career, and inspire others that are more capable of accomplishing anything no matter how old you are.If you have the passion and drive for something I encourage you to go for it. I look at that as if God is giving you a little nudge to follow your dreams, he is just waiting for us to step out into faith and to trust in him.

Being a stylist behind the chair has taught me to not only be myself, but to trust in God and trust in myself that I am capable of much more than I could imagine.Life may get in the way, but when you place your trust in God he takes all those fears away and gives us the hope that we all search and long for.
‘To all my stylists out there. I encourage you to follow your dreams and listen to the calling that God places on your life. He will never fail you, nor forsake you!
What has blessed you behind your chair?
Xoxo Rebecca <3

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  1. Nice job Rebecca you are lucky to have found your calling at such a young age. Instead of a job you do what you love. God bless my baby girl. 😘

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