Its more than just hair…


Hi there my name is Rachel Butler and I’m from Woodlands, Texas!

In our industry we have the ability to do more than just provide a physical change for someone. We can provide an internal change as well within our clients and our clients can provide the same for us. In my 11 years in the industry, I have been impacted through deep discussions I have had with my clients and vise versa.

As stylists, we are everything from a marriage counselor to a travel agent. Our clients share their upcoming plans, current obstacles, deepest thoughts and secrets with us and look to us for more than just a beautiful color or haircut. From a religious standpoint, we can definitely make a difference. Ihave been able to mentor and witness to many people and share God’s love and grace with them.

In the past few months especially since I almost lost my life in November, my outlook has become so much different from before. It has elevated me to a higher level of thinking. I now more than ever trulysee the huge opportunities I have all day every day to make a difference in someone’s life. It’s more than just hair, it’s connecting with them in a way no one can. We can choose to be positive and give them an experience unlike any other they have had before in another salon or we can give them the standard celebrity gossip salon segment. We can control the types of conversations we have in our chairs and our salons. We can navigate these conversations into something great. We may only have 1 hour or 3 hours to make an impact, but it can be done. Think about that. We can display kindness and really connect with them. As human beings all we really desire is to be validated and heard. Sometimes just listening may be all our clients need in that moment. I am blessed every day behind the chair and I am on the other end of that as well.

My team and I always use the terms “good vibes only” and “be good to people”. That is the core of our culture at The Beauty Lounge. We all have baggage, we all have our struggles… after all we are humans and humans aren’t perfect. Only God is perfect. I always remind my team that there is always someone out there that would love to trade places with you despite your circumstances. Coming to work and having a positive outlook is so important, it is crucial to the success of the entire team as well as the salon. I hope and pray our industry continues to strive for greatness and a sense of community. We are a unique blend of creative minds with huge hearts that we can share with the world. Thank you for the opportunity to write for “Blessed Behind The Chair”, it has been an honor.

Xoxo Rachel Butler

Owner / Artist
The Beauty Lounge – The Woodlands, TX

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