Discovering my passion so early in life has been such a blessing ❤️

Hi everyone! My name is Abbey Shreve and I am a newly licensed stylist based outside of Richmond, VA. As a young girl I always knew I loved to do hair and makeup. I also never had any desire to continue on to college after graduating high school. Discovering my passion so early in life has been such a blessing. Many people struggle to find their career but wanting to be a hairstylist came so naturally to me!

Growing up I would attend church with my family as often as we could. When my sister and I got older and my parent’s lives got busy with work, we stopped going as often and eventually stopped altogether. My relationship with God slowly faded away as a child but my curiosity never did.

Fast-forward to this year, when I got lucky enough to apprentice under Taylor Amsler at Alicia’s Salon and Day Spa. This opportunity has blessed me in so many ways. Not only am I getting to continue my education in the industry but Taylor has opened my eyes and led me to rekindle my relationship with God. As silly as it may sound, I believe God connected Taylor and I for a reason. Everyday my relationship with God has been growing in my own way and so does my knowledge about hair! All thanks to my mentor. Being where I am today and growing as a young stylist truly makes me feel “Blessed Behind the Chair!”


Abbey ❤️

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