I lost myself…

Hi everyone! My name is Logan Roop and I am 25 years old. I’m at the tail end of my apprenticeship (YAY!) at Layers Hair Salon located in Richmond, Virginia. A little background on me: I know this sounds silly, but my entire life I grew up saying “I will never do hair” because my mother is a hairstylist as well. She had three girls and always hoped one of us would follow in her footsteps. Needless to say she’s thrilled about my career choice ☺️

So, how did I get where I am today? Well, I graduated high school and went to college because I thought that was what everybody did and I was fearful of the judgement I would recieve if I didn’t. We won’t get into that, but let’s just say, college wasn’t for me. I returned home and worked odd jobs here and there. I feel like it happened so fast, but before I could blink, I was severely depressed and struggling with alcoholism. During this time, I suffered the loss of one of my best friends and my life unraveled. My relationships, ambitions, faith, and self-worth dwindled to nothing. I lost myself. I honestly felt there was no way out and I would feel like this forever.

By the grace of God, I was able to turn my life around. I got sober March 23, 2015 and that’s when I opened my heart and life to God. I had never prayed so much in my life. At first I simply prayed for my health and some relief, then the blessings started coming. What’s crazy is that I was present enough to see and awknowledge them! That’s a blessing in itself.  I started at Layers Hair Salon as an assistant. I told the salon I did not want to apprentice I just wanted to work full time. Well, I gave it a month (tops) before I changed my mind and insisted I become an apprentice. My love for hair just took over!  I can’t even put into words the gratiude I feel.

Restoring my faith in God is what has gotten me to where I am. God’s will for me is far greater than anything I could ever imagine! I often think to myself how someone like me can be SO blessed and continuously recieve these abundant gifts from God? It wasn’t too long ago that I was hopeless. And NOW? Now, I have a career and a family. Today, I can be a friend, daughter, sister, and employee. People come to me to feel beautiful and confident! And everyday I get to do what I love! WHAT?! I am speechless. Being where I am today definitely makes me feel “Blessed Behind The Chair”, and my story is only beginning. I can’t wait to see where this beautiful journey continues.

Never lose hope! 

Trust and rely on God. 

Embrace the abundance.

Thank you Blessed Behind The Chair for allowing me to share my story.

Much love,

Logan roop (@loganlights_rva)

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  1. Very beautiful and inspiring words from a very beautiful and inspiring woman! I love you Logan ♡ keep up the great word! You shine bright ☆

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