Working in this industry has had some challenges…

My name is Rebecca, I am 21 years old and I have been a licensed cosmetologist since November of 2017. Since getting my license I started working at Salon Tuscany in Derry, New Hampshire. While I haven’t been behind the chair for long, I already feel blessed in many ways.

When I decided to go to hair school, I was taking a huge leap of faith. I did not know if I would truly love it, but as I went through school, my passion grew and grew. I was able to meet and touch the lives of many women who shared with me that I gave them confidence. Hearing that from someone means so much to me. As I continue to work behind the chair, I am always so happy when I connect with someone and am able to witness to them, even if that is showing kindness to them.

Working in the beauty industry has had some challenges. It can be very competitive and sometimes people can be judgemental. Through those challenges though, I try to hold on to the love of God and be an example of my faith. Sometimes I have to turn down certain activities with my coworkers because of my faith. As I continue my journey as a stylist, my hope is to be a light to others and not be afraid of sharing my faith. Every Time I see a stylist on social media proclaiming their faith, it is encouraging to me to see that they are not ashamed! Even though there is competition in this community, I have met so many wonderful stylist who have encouraged me throughtout my journey.

Social media can be a crazy place but through that platform I have been able to talk to many encouraging and talented women who are more focused on building each other up than tearing down. While I was in hair school, I met a women who worked in Massachusetts. She became a mentor to me in this industry, and encouraged me in everything I did. I am so blessed to have met her along the way, and I hope to be that for someone else in the future, just as she was for me. I know that through Gods blessings, he has put me where I

am today and I pray to be a blessing to others.

Thank you Blessed Behind the Chair for letting me share some of my story.

With love,

Rebecca Croley


2 thoughts on “Working in this industry has had some challenges…

  1. Proud of you, Rebecca! I have no doubt that God will continue to bless you and give you opportunities to bless others through your profession!

  2. You have become an amazing woman, Rebecca. God seems to have motivated your heart to be his hands through your profession. What a wonderful way to be able to share his love.

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