I will always say that this industry was my saving grace

Hi there friends, I’m Aly! I’ve been a stylist in South Carolina for about 3 years now! My path to where I’m at was not an easy one, but so very worth it.

My road leading up to this industry was not an easy one. I was in a very difficult time in my life. I was making bad choices and surrounding myself with the wrong people. I was unsure of my place in this world and my mental health issues were at their peak, which I didn’t share with anyone until just this year. I had a lot on my plate for only being nearly 20 years old and it came to the point where I had to decide whether I was going to “make it” or continue to live in this direction. The day I decided to enroll in school, my entire life changed. I dove head first into everything hair. I found my passion and I truthfully was unsure if I ever would.

Living life behind the chair since has been such a whirlwind of ups and downs and I have LOVED every second of it. It has taught me an unstoppable work ethic, determination, kindness, compassion, and strength. The people I have met along the way I wouldn’t trade for anything in this world. I’ve grown such a passion for education and I truly want to help others grow along with me.

I will always say that this industry was my saving grace. Without it- I’m not sure where I’d be. I will forever be grateful.

– @alydavishair

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