As a high-school student, I knew my passion was hair and beauty

Hi, I’m Lea Bishop and I’m a stylist at Rooted Salon in Allentown Pennsylvania. I began my love for hair when I was 14 years old. My first job was at Sweet & Sassy’s where I would pin all the girl’s hair up into “princess buns” or “pop-star twists.” I reflect on the feeling of making little girls feel beautiful. How blessed am I that I’m able to share that gift with every person who sits in my chair?

As a high-school student, I knew my passion was hair and beauty. Although that was clear to me, I convinced myself to do what every other high-school student does: college. My freshman year started at East Stroudsburg University. Waking up every day to sit through a lecture of public speaking and communications made my skin crawl. After my first semester, I called my mother and explained to her that this was not what I’m meant to do. God had a plan for me and this just didn’t feel right. My loving mother replied, “Lea if your passion is cosmetology, I will always back you 100%.”

The next school year 2015 I attended Metro Beauty Academy where my love for hair grew immensely. That year I was given the opportunity to participate in the Wella Trendvision competition where I placed top three in the student category. From that point on I knew that cosmetology wasn’t just a career choice, it was a passion. After a year working behind the chair, I had received a message from Katelyn Quigney who is someone I consider to be a mentor.  She asked me to come work with her team at Rooted Salon. Working with such a passionate team was the best decision I have ever made. Not only do they put their faith in me to strive for excellence, but they’ve guided me every step of the way.

Living life behind the chair has been both an amazing and challenging experience. Sometimes we challenge ourselves to live up to the social media expectations. My advice to stylists just starting out is to be the best version of yourself every day… work HARD and you WILL succeed. One of my favorite quotes “Let’s do what we love and do a lot of it.” I am forever grateful. 

– @lcbeautyy_

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