Little did I know, one day… that would be my passion. 

Hi! I’m Jordan. A salon assistant + stylist at Rooted Salon in Allentown, Pennsylvania. 

I remember as a little girl going every Thursday with my grandma to the hair salon to get her hair set in rollers + putting on an abundance of glitter eyeshadow. Little did I know, one day… that would be my passion. 

Looking back, I now realize I always had the passion for the beauty industry. I remember going to the salon with my mom when I was as little as two years old, intrigued at what was going on around me. Her stylist then became our stylist when I started cutting + coloring my hair. She would tell my mom that one day I would be a hairstylist + my mom agreed. I was hearing everyone tell me what they thought I would do as my career, but I knew I had to figure that out for myself.

Of course during high school, everyone pressures you to figure out what four year college your going to + what major your going to pursue. I found myself sitting there… clueless. I spent many days watching Grey’s Anatomy thinking “that could be fun.” But that wasn’t me. Then the pressure of the “college norm” hit. The pressure that everyone goes to college, parties, meets new people + you get your degree.

There I was… a freshman at Bloomsburg University. Quickly, I realized I was totally in the wrong place + I didn’t belong there. I remember FaceTiming with my mom every day… miserable + falling into the worst version of me. To be honest, I didn’t even know myself anymore. I came home one weekend + told her “I’m leaving Bloomsburg, I can’t do it anymore.” Luckily, I had a mom that supported me through anything I wanted to do in life… she herself knew I was on the wrong path + my right path was cosmetology.

So here I am today, a graduate of Metro Beauty Academy + on my third year of behind a stylist. I have found myself an amazing team who I consider family + a mentor I can learn so much from. I find passion in with color, cuts + transformations with extensions. Now, I strive to learn more + better myself as a stylist. This so called “job” is so rewarding + knowing I make people feel better about themselves, is the greatest gift.

When I was 10, the same grandma who I looked up to + watched get roller sets, suddenly passed away. Once tattoos became something I was interested in at 18, I searched through her bible to see which verses she had highlighted that stood out to her. I now have Psalm 119:105 on my foot, that will forever be there to guide me. “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”

Although I took many detours on my path in life to get face to face with my passion for beauty… I know my struggles + the wrong paths I took, all happened for a reason. They taught me to be strong, work harder + be fearless.

– @hairbyjo_ 

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