I almost closed my business twice …

Being a part of the beauty industry as a stylist, salon owner, and now inspirational business coach, is literally a dream come true.  There is no other industry where you can live your passion, be creative, and make other people look and FEEL beautiful, everyday!

When I was growing up, I was torn between being a hairstylist/salon owner.
Or being a dolphin trainer. YES! I love animals and thought it would be so cool to swim with dolphins all day. But then my mom told me I would have to go to school for Marine Biology for at least 4 years, and share a dorm with 2 or 3 other girls, and I said…. Well off to Cosmetology school I go!

I was the first to sign up for my Vocational program at my high school in Bethlehem, Pa. From the moment I walked into the cosmetology classroom, I knew I had made the right decision and this was going to be my LIFE! When I graduated I worked part time in a small local salon, and eventually ended up working for a small chain of salons in which I ended up becoming the district manager for in just two short years. I loved leading people and watching other people grow and achieve their goals. This fills me in a way I cannot explain.

Fast forward a few years. And after being the district manager, and then becoming a managing partner and opening 5 salons in one year in South Florida. I decided to move back home to PA and open my very own salon. What a journey. I have since sold my salon after 11 successful years in business, but I can tell you my journey has not always been rainbows and butterflies. Before my 5th year in business, I almost closed my business twice. Probably one of the hardest times in my life. I chose to sell my home to keep my business and it’s a decision in my soul that was the absolute best.

During my struggle I can tell you with certainty, what got me through it!
And that is my 3 favorite F’S.
My Family, My Friends, and My Faith. I remember talking to God during many sleepless nights, just asking for some guidance, some direction. I said, “Whatever you want for me please let me know, But God, I will tell you this. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION FOR ME!” After nights with my friends and family and a lot of prayer. I started to turn my business around. I had come to understand that I was the only reason my business was not successful. I had to own my own “STUFF” and take responsibility for the mistakes I made along the way. I know now those mistakes were little gifts. Little gifts filled with life lessons to make me stronger, smarter, and so much wiser. And I am forever grateful! I wasn’t ready to close my business I had so many lives I wanted to touch, especially my team. I wanted them to live their absolute best life, and it was my responsibility to provide that for them.

Year 5 into my business. My salon just exploded with growth. I hired more team members, created a new brand, networked my butt off to meet everyone and anyone I could in my town. And with the help of my incredible team, we just grew year after year!

What a beautiful journey it has been. I am so thankful everyday for the “little gifts” I received along the way. They have made me who I am today. And because of it ,I can now share my knowledge and passion to continue to inspire other salon owners and stylists to build their dreams within this beautiful industry.


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