I didn’t just spend a year in beauty school to just do one thing!

I’m Maguy (Maggie) @themaneartistry here on Instagram!

I’ve been behind the chair now for almost 5 years. I started off thinking I only wanted to specialize in color. I trained at one of the  top color advanced programs here in my city, I would train and take clients behind the chair working 9 long hour days, with 30 min breaks, making 9/hr. It felt like the training would never come to an end and I could barely make a living. But I told myself to keep going. Eventually towards the end I realized I wanted to start generalizing again and adding that haircut, makeup app or waxing app on to my service ticket again. I didn’t just spend a year in beauty school to just do one thing! Sure I have a passion for color more than anything, but I still wanted to thrive in both areas. I felt like I was in competition with my fellow stylists around, trying to be on top, or “the best” I felt pressured and controlled. 

I went on to a commission salon where I worked there for 2.5 years, hustled hard and tried to build up my clientele, towards year 2, I began to get busier and busier, Started booking out for days, weeks, months. . I asked for a higher raise because I felt like the hard work and effort I put in, deserved that extra 5%-10%. But my boss just wanted to keep raising my prices, which meant, MORE MONEY in HER pocket. I knew my worth and I felt like I outgrew where I was at. So I decided to take a leap. I became my own boss. I found a rental salon and created my own brand and business for myself. It was the scariest, best move I had ever made in my career. I felt like I had freedom and I didn’t have to feel like I was under anyone anymore. Being my own boss has been an amazing and challenging experience. If you have a passion for something, keep hustling and your success will continue to grow and thrive! Don’t ever give up! And again, KNOW YOU ARE WORTH IT. 

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