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Hi, I’m Katelyn Quigney. Owner and Master stylist at Rooted Salon in Allentown Pennsylvania. My love for hair began many years ago as a child playing in my imaginary hair salon, Hair Blair. Although, I as a kid, having my play-pretend, basement salon was a whole – hell-of-alot easier!

I am now blessed beyond measure to work behind the chair five days a week in my own salon. Rooted was founded on one tiny little idea of wanting to create a space where everyone is treated “like a regular.” A place where all are welcomed regardless of social status or appearance. A place where you can feel a sense of community. A place to relax and reflect. In it’s little life of only a year and a half, Rooted has become more than just a salon name; it is a lifestyle.

Let’s take a minute and rewind to those awkward middle school days where you didn’t know what circle you fit in or if you were accepted today but not tomorrow. I was always one to float around different friend groups hoping to find my people but always left feeling disconnected. I didn’t know at that young age that the connection I was always seeking would be what, I feel, makes a hairdresser so irreplaceable. My desire to connect with every person that sits in my chair is what gives me excitement for the days to come. It is even more special to be able to make them feel brand new a use my creative brain to create my next work of art.

Stepping out on a limb (ok, at times, what felt like a twig) and opening my own salon has been the hardest, most scary, and rewarding journey of my career/life. I am constantly pushed to grow as a stylist, as a leader, as a boss, and as a mentor. It has been such a blessing for me to stand before an amazing group of talented stylists and push them to reach their goals. I have learned so much about myself and after 29 years, feel I am finally embracing the things that make me, me.

The picture I’ve attached was from a trip I was lucky enough to go to in Toronto, Canada. I was chosen by the organization, Beauty Changes Lives, to receive a scholarship to attend an all-expense paid trip to a five-day Vidal Sassoon Academy course of my choice. In addition to the career changing education that the Academy provided, I was left with an even bigger message. I needed to take this trip solo and realize how strong and bold I was. I randomly ended up passing a ‘LOVE’ sign filled with signed locks from tourists. My experience was so moving I remember asking a gentleman to take my picture as tears filled my eyes. I vowed to myself to love myself + crush my fears… always, in all ways. Whether that be behind the chair, whether it be behind a blog on a computer, whether it may be face to face with an employee. I am blessed to know the rewards this career can bring someone but the inexplainable part is what it can teach you about yourself.

– @salonrooted

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